Area Rug Cleaning Methods

Maintaining a rug is not only a difficult proposition but also a time-consuming one. It needs thorough conservation and cleaning from time to time and a lot of care as well.

Area Rug Cleaning

How to clean and take care of your rug…

Vacuuming large rugs to get rid of dirt particles

Remove pet hair

Turn the rug each and every year (if possible)

Shake small area rugs

Get regular cleaning, this will definitely prevent your area rug from having a foul odor or permanently soling it will a stain which was left on the rug for a long period of time (longer than 30 days)

Shake small area rugs

Synthetic and Polyester rugs require Professional Steam Cleaning

Wool Rugs Require Professional Hand Cleaning or Dry Fabric Cleaning

Silk, Cashmere and All Gentle Rugs Require Professional Non-Liquid Cleaning

PLEASE NOTE: Cleaning types may vary and change according to age and origin of rug

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