Water and Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Water damage and fire damage when not properly taken care of can cause major damage to your home and or office. Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn is an industry master on remediation for both water damage and fire damage restoration. We will make your house fresh and harmless again with our chemical and odor free cleaning products.

Results Of Water Damage…

Water can damage carpets, hard flooring, walls, furniture, upholstery and anything else in its path. Having the right service to remove the water and clean your home is a task not everyone can do successfully. That is why you should only call us, Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn.

Water and Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration

Fires have traumatizing consequences on you and your family. The odors alone are ruthless, why deal with the job of cleaning up after that. That is why you should only call us, Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn.

On top of that, fire damage to your home or office will leave you without a secure sanctuary to live, work or play. So, it is imperative that you get in touch Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn to start the clean-up progress. Fires are extinguished with either dry chemicals or water and smoke and soot are embedded in the structure. No matter which way the fire was extinguished your house or job now contains other substances that can provoke additional deterioration and structural damage.

We assess the situation, give a solid cost and then proceed with the service, upon your approval ofcourse. We will even work with your landlord or insurance company if necessary.

By calling Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn for your water or fire damage restoration services within a 24 hour period you will be assured you are getting the most thorough service at the best price and chemical free cleaning with the least amount of stress

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