Carpet Cleaning and Why Choose us

Through the years we are in the industry, our company has been known by efficent area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning service. There are many other service providers out there that you can consider, but we assure you the following when you choose to entrust your carpet to us:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – here at Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn, we do stand at the back of our work and we are proud to provide our first client service guarantee for our carpet cleaning service. If you are not happy with our provided, we’ll make each effort to get the problem fixed and when we are not able to do that for any reason, you will get your money back.

  • Convenient location – we’re locally administrated and owned to serve as among our neighbors and to assure efficient and prompt cleaning services plus timely appointments.

  • Highly trained and courteous team – our company of experts has been accomplished and trained in the carpet cleaning industry. With years of combined knowledge, you will honestly feel confident knowing that you have selected the first service provider. We are not like others that are high-pressure salespersons and we would never attempt to sell you services or any items that you don’t need or you are not interested at.

  • Green – if you choose our company, you will be confident enough that you have chosen a carpet cleaning service that cares for the environment. We make use of only a hundred percent natural and non-toxic cleaning agent which is guaranteed reliable for the environment and even for the youngest member of your family, which include your kids and pets at house. We don’t use discounted, bulk or abrasive cleaning agents in your house.

  • State of the art cleaning methods – we obtain use of the modern and newest technology truck mounted equipment combined with some methods for carpet cleaning which are enzyme-based. We don’t leave your carpets soaking moist when we left. We are taking some extra steps of drying your carpet and if we Carpet Cleaning and Why Choose us?leave your house, your carpet would just be damp and will eventually get dried after a few hours.


Here at Area Rug Cleaners Brooklyn, we are always committed to giving the ideal for our valued clients. We strive to reach their expectations and can give the kind of service that will make them smile. We are doing our very perfect to make them see and believe that we do what we say. We will make sure that your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned and will be smell-free. There will be no traces of surfactant and residue of the cleaning solution that we use.

We want you to get the good looking value for your money. You get high quality service at an affordable cost. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today at (718) 928-0252.

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Look no further for your carpet cleaning services. Like our fast-drying, deep-cleaning process that gets deep-down and takes out more grime and bad stains than other cleaning systems.

Our organic cleaners are great for your family, your pets and also your home; they are friendlier to the environment and also clean deeper than those unsafe chemicals.

Most modern carpet manufacturers and expert cleaning companies highly suggest our methods and products.

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